Episode 9

Anthony Simcoe on Farscape, Ka D'Argo, The Castle, and Working Dog Productions (Audio Archives)

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Anthony Simcoe is a former actor (The Castle & Farscape), in-demand business trainer, and storytelling & machine learning Researcher. He's also, as you will discover in this conversation, an incredibly down-to-earth and fun guy.

Josh and Anthony chat about following good-stuff:

  • Taking an arts-mindset into the business space without getting stuck teaching people obvious skills like body language and role-playing. Anthony has a unique take on the business-training space.
  • The impact on Australian culture of The Castle (movie) and Anthony's role as "Steve Kerrigan".
  • Working with the creative powerhouse that is Working Dog Productions.
  • Anthony takes Josh takes behind the scenes of Farscape (the TV show) and Anthony's role as Ka D'Argo. The guys go beyond the incredible writing and imagery of Farscape the creation, and speak about Farscape's allegorical power.

Find Anthony on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr_anthony_simcoe/

Find Josh on Instagram: @joshuacliston

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