Episode 10

Clint Boge on early The Butterfly Effect, the band Dredg, Recording Imago, Big Vocals, and "The Hottest Gig Ever" at Sodens Hotel Albury

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Clint Boge is the Vocalist and Lyricist of seminal Australian Rock Band, The Butterfly Effect. Clint is known for his extraordinary vocals, and deeply personal lyrics. This podcast is 17+ years in the making, and we hope you enjoy it (as much as Josh did recording it).

Josh and Clint chat about following good stuff:

  • The Rock Band, Dredg.
  • Clint's early vocal influences.
  • The role of a great Producer in making great Rock records.
  • Joe Baressi, and the recording of Imago.
  • Putting Big Vocals on record, and then having to pull it off live.
  • "The hottest gig ever" at Sodens Hotel Albury.
  • Modern production and a case for using tracks well.

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Opening Theme is by Australian Progressive Metal band Trancestate.

Check them out here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6mhIQOStob9HXUDKZty7gU?si=fHpml9U8Tea4m1NbF7JoIA

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